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Lawyer demands Dr Aafia's shifting to hospital for urgent treatment

26 Aug 2008

NEW YORK, Aug 26 (APP): A lawyer for Aafia Sidiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist charged with trying to kill American interrogators in Afghanistan, has made a fervent plea to U.S. authorities to immediately shift her client to a hospital in view of her worsening state of health.

"Her condition has significantly deteriorated since August four when she was brought to New York," an angry Elizabeth Fink told a press conference in a Brooklyn park, a block away from a federal prison where she is being held under harsh conditions.

"She (Dr. Siddiqui) should be transferred to Bellevue hospital for urgent medical and psychological treatment," the lawyer added.

Ms. Fink expressed her outrage that even after a court ordered medical examination, Dr. Siddiqui, despite her life-threatening condition, did not receive the recommended treatment. She described the U.S. authorities